My Parent’s met at an Armory Dance on Lynch St. & Harrison Ave.

in Williamsburg,Brooklyn.My Mom and her family lived across the

street from the Armory and my Dad was in the National Guard.

  In the old days European Families allowed their children to marry

through matchmaking.My Mom had been promised as a match to a

man who was an Engineer of some kind.Mom had to quit school to work

in the family business just as her older sibling’s had done.Life was to

become an on the job learning experience.

   My Dad had dropped out of Grover Cleveland High School to assist

in supporting his family.There was still a depression going on and the

economic condition of the country left much to be desired.

The two fell in love and knowing the situation in each of their families,

they decided to elope.Each side would have been against the marriage.

My Dad and his family were poor.He assisted with support.My

Mom’s family had plans for her.

My Mom and Dad were the New American’s born of immigrant’s.

They were both born  in Brooklyn,N.Y. They had different idea’s about

who was going to pick their mate.They knew it was going to be they

that chose and not family tradition.

  They both ‘ran away’ to Rahway.N.J. where my Dad’s Aunt Mary

lived.Aunt Mary was my Grandfather’s Sister.My Parent’s had a

beautiful wedding;the unfortunate part was that neither of their Parent’s

were invited to come.

Now there was what  the ‘Italians’ called ‘Bad Blood’ between them.

  It is very unfortunate that this circumstance occurred because in

actuality, both families were very nice people.They brought their

traditional values to America and this is why I make the comparison of

the Montague’s and Capulet’s the families of Romeo and Juliet.

In time this feeling wore down among most of the family and my Dad

was accepted to my Mom’s family and my Mom was accepted to my

Dad’s family.

Time heals all wounds.