The Home Front -WWII Years
The Home Front

           Not everyone served the Country overseas in the military.Many served here
in the States. During WWII their were all  types of what were called War Plants in
Brooklyn,N.Y. New York and New Jersey had many facilities manufacturing the
goods and services needed to fight the war.
     Two of the yards that were there were the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Todd’s
Ship Yard.
                In the words of Todd

      In Todd Shipyards, on every coast, armies of skilled men are waging another battle... fighting against time in the world's greatest shipbuilding program - and beating all records. From day to day, hundreds of new merchant vessels and fighting ships of every type will join the mightiest armada in history.

Backed by a hard-hitting maritime tradition with production at top speed, America swings into the battle line toward Victory!

One Broadway, New York, N. Y.

            To work in these yards and plants meant that men and women were supporting the troops overseas while on the Home Front.

       Some men and women went above and beyond the call to assist the troops in any way they could.

My Uncles raised pigeons when they were young men.The rooftops of Brooklyn had
many pigeon coops as they were called.There were many pigeon clubs in Brooklyn
years ago.The members would have pigeon races and win prizes and awards.
  If anyone is interested this link will have more information about pigeons.


Members would release their pigeons daily and exercise them while on their

  My Uncle Leonard worked for Todd’s Ship Yard during WWII and was one of those
individuals who gave support on the home front.
    The article below will give you a better understanding of what exactly took place
back then.

American Racing Pigeon Union