I was 17 when my Mom told me that she was having a baby.We were all
thrilled about this event in our lives.
My younger Sister Mary had been born in Williamsburg five years
after I came into this world.
She had always wanted a Sister and I had always wanted a brother.
Up until the day the baby was to be born no one knew whether it
would be a boy or a girl.I’d watch Mom fool around with a needle
and thread holding the needle above her palm.If the needle spun in
one direction it was supposed to be a boy if in the other a girl.
The morning my Mom went for delivery at the hospital my Dad asked
me what kind of cigars he should buy.It seems they sold cigars
with a caption around the band stating either,”It’s a boy or it’s a girl”.
I told him why don’t you buy a box of each, just in case.
He looked upon me and said,”What do I do with the other box?”
I told him,”What if it’s twins?”
He got very cross at me to state the least.
That afternoon he came running up the block we lived on with both
his hands in the air and a finger of each hand waving wildly.
We had twins in the Family.
A Boy and a Girl,fraternal and healthy.
Stephen and Katherine were now members of our Family
and new citizens of  Bushwick,Brooklyn,U.S.A.