Brooklyn Stories
Information for Stories:

Your story must be original. It may not be published elsewhere in any form.
Text should be as detailed as possible. Share your feelings, and include all the "local color" that other Brooklynites will recognize. Use real names of places. I'm looking for visual descriptions, narrations of memorable events, and the incorporation of as much Brooklyn related material as possible.
Scanned photos are welcome.
I do not guarantee that all submitted stories will be viewed. If your submission is accepted for viewing:
It will be edited before publishing. Editing may range from simple grammatical corrections to deletions or restructuring of entire paragraphs.
Your name will be published unless you request anonymity.
No compensation will be tendered for your accepted and published entry.
Do you have a detailed, colorful story to tell about your experience growing up in Brooklyn? Would you like to have your story published here? Then please submit it as a separate, attached file via email to